Inspiring and convenient photographs help in stirring a lot of emotions in our minds. Imagine taking a walk on the beach or hiking up in the mountains; it is tough to memorize each and every detail of the particular place, right? But if you take a photo in that location than all the memories attached to the locale, stay etched in your minds. Also, a photograph sometimes acts as a souvenir for a special moment with the loved ones. With so many advantages to it, a picture speaks a thousand words in a very less amount of time. Digitalization has, in many ways, altered our lives by introducing us to the newest technologies. Now every mobile phone comes with a camera and has become a convenient option to carry. This turning point of technology has also helped people to create a photo editing app like Pixlr and edit photos anytime.

We all know that photography is becoming like a mainstream profession nowadays. Thanks to the outgrowth of the social media handle like Instagram, every person is keen on updating minute details of their life on their handles. Therefore, every big shot in the world of business has tuned in to make a photo editing application. So now the main question arises on how to create a photo editing app for different mobile software. Likewise, in every field before jumping towards the main task, we have to get involved in a lot of homework. The same is the case with the photo app also. To make your work simple and more precise, we have tailored a detailed list of all the basic and advanced features which will act as a guide while you are developing the app. Without any further discussion, let us now take a look at the various steps to follow for the same.

The overall agenda of a photo editing app is to make the pictures look more appealing on social media. Going by the fact that due to the use of smartphones in this era, the number of apps developed to support the photo quality has also seen a great hike. Let us now look at the significant steps and processes to be followed for the same.

  1. Market Research: This is the essential step to be done in case of starting any big project like building an app. You should have enough information as to what is the current market scenario. Before starting the photo editing app development one should carry out the groundwork about other apps in the market, the response of consumers towards them along with the major competition you are about to face. Always remember if you proceed to head on towards the project without any proper research, then it is sure to backfire.
  1. Outsource some of your work: Outsourcing nowadays has turned out to be a very reliable option. Major firms today follow the trend, and you are not any different. It is also a very trusted fact that when you outsource some of your work, then there is a high chance of getting it done before time. To make a photo editing application fast and better, you can try the outsourcing gig. Or else, you can also hire mobile app developers for an optimum result.
  1. Make your app more interactive: The third most important point in building any good application is an interactive user interface. The photo editing app development company today focuses on making things more functional at the consumer level. The more the interactive app, the easier it is to click with the people. You can also go for an MVP level of the app to satisfy the early customers before launching the full and final version. The other points to focus on are as follows:
  • The benefit of choice: The app shall provide the user with an option to either click a photo or upload it from the library.
  • Filter: The app shall have an additional facility of filter to suit the taste of the user.
  • Editing a picture: After adding the filter, applications should have extra edit options like brightness, crop, and saturation.
  • The option of sharing: The app should have the option of sharing the photo on social media platforms instantly.
  1. Advance Features: Sometimes, it is also better to try on some additional features on your app. This will not only help in making it soar high among users but also give one the privilege of working something different. The augmented filters of the app like dog ears, mask, and so on add a very exciting effect to the picture. You can also add options for changing the background, adding different frames, and retouch to dismantle all the imperfections in the photo.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, platform compatibility is also essential for the app to work. Always go for an on-demand app development team that heeds attention to the work given. To develop a photo-editing app like Pixlr, one has to go through these details mentioned very carefully and then proceed towards app development.

  1. Advertisements: Yes, we know it might not be a very scalable thing, but people today invest in advertisements for earning extra revenue. Add a video add to your app and make the basic model free for the new users. This is one of the latest trends in the video industry and helps in making an excellent profit to the owner. Another benefit of ads is that it acts as a solution to the users and lets them understand the purpose of the app more clearly.


Photo apps have radically changed the way people used to take a photo some years back. With the advent of new technology, mobile phones have slowly and steadily become photo-friendly. Apps are ubiquitous and are found in everybody’s phone. Just like “Whatsapp” started a trend of free messaging service, a good photo editing app will save the cost of many people who trend on social media. Therefore to make an app like Pixlr in this current scenario can be a good investment. It will help you gain widespread attention, along with giving leverage to your company. So before you begin this adventurous journey try following some of the points discussed above and make a more user-friendly app.